Successful Horse

Here you find a small selection of successful horses from our breed and raising.


erfolgspferde lauries matcho 

Lauries Crusador xx / Matcho aa

 licenced stallion.


Waterford I + II
(Wolkenstein / Matcho AA)

The licenze and verification winner 1998 resp. 1999 "Waterford I" followed his licenzed brohters "Waterford II + III".

 erfolgspferde waterford I II
 erfolgspferde waterford III 

Waterford III 
(Wolkenstein / Matcho AA)

"Waterford III" is prepared by A. - K. Linsenhoff for the coming tasks. 

Further brothers are in our upbringing. 


(Lauries Crusador xx / Rio Branco)

1998 licenzed in Verden. With five years national-champion attendant and in the meantime high placed in dressage to class Grand Prix among Sarah Garayhi

 erfolgspferde leonardo
erfolgspferde lecopin    

Le Copin 
(Lauries Crusador xx / Gardestern)

Lizenced stalion to the sister of "Gimpel", conquering in jumping to class S


Le Primeur
(Lauries Crusador xx / Golfstrom II)

Several Grand-Prix winner among the swiss rider Mari-Lene Wettstein.

erfolgspferde le primeur
 erfolgspferde lucky lemon   

Lucky Lemon
(Lemon Park / Tannenberg)

Several Grand-Prix winner among Christilot Boylen.


(World Cup / Bolero)

Grand-Prix winner among Christiane Copes v. Hasselt

 erfolgspferde woija
erfolgspferde laurie wolkenstein   

Lauries Crusador xx / Wolkenstein

2006 licenced Stallion.

Wolkenstein / Jetstream 

2006 licenced Stallion 

 erfolgspferde wolkenstein jetstream
 erfolgspferde don filippo   

Don Filippo
(Don Frederico / Carbid)

2005 licenced Stallion. Gestüt Schlossäcker.


Wolkenstein / Bolero

2005 licenced Stallion.

erfolgspferde wolkenstein bolero
erfolgspferde rotspon davignon    

Rotspon / Davignon 

2004 licenced Stallion.


Lauries Crusador xx / Gardestern 

2003 licenced Stallion.
 erfolgspferde laurie gardestern
 erfolgspferde romanze   

(Rotspon / Lauries Crusador xx)

Victress of the two year old mares on Ratje-Niebuhr-Schau 2002. With high marks considered. 

A pearl of our breeding!





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